time vs. brain

Have you ever noticed how when you want to enjoy something, the time seems to by very quickly(such as the weekend) and when you want something to hurry up(like a red light) it seems to drag on forever? This is not really happening as a second is still a second, but your mind is just playing tricks on you. I find that to get rid of this sensation and make good times seem longer and bad time horter, simply think of the cons of the good times and the pros of the bad times. Do this lightly, so that you are not depressed, but this will shorten or leangthen your time period.
But of course you really havent changed anything.


One Response to “time vs. brain”

  1. Barnes Man Says:

    I bet you think English class goes really quickly! I think my lunch time goes by in a flash. I guess the key is finding something positive about everything that you do.

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