Today I sat and looked at my new band fundraisers, thinking: Every year, the prices go up and so do the chances that i’ll lose one of my customers that have been loyal for years! These are supposed to raise money for the students, not to give the manufacturer an extra buck! As I am in a school, and we cant go door to door selling, my main clients are teachers, who dont make much!
mr. B, come and buy some =)


2 Responses to “fundraisers”

  1. Barnes Man Says:

    I think it’s unfortunate that students have to resort to selling items in order to pay for equipment for school. I’ve always wanted to see more money directed to school programs (instead of teachers and parents kicking in their funds).

    PS – bring me your list. I’ll take a look at the expensive stuff! 🙂

  2. dilfan Says:

    OMG! you have the dilbert blog on your blogroll!
    scott adams dilbert hi mr. a, I read your blog!

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