bumpy road

life truly is a bumpy road. As with all roads there are long flat streaches, and towering mountains. but most of the time there are gently sloping hills. say for instance, that you were driving cross-country and one day was flat as one day was bumpy. Same as some days there is the most work to be done and everything goes wrong, and there are days when life is just peachy. my limited audience, I would like to say that I hope your life is with out mountains and is smooth. I will be moving on to a new section of road in a few monthes, and hopefully it will be smooth too.
I may not be able to blog in these coming monthes, but hang on faithful readers through the time of skunk coming through the car!


2 Responses to “bumpy road”

  1. Mr. B Says:

    Why would you not blog in the coming months? What about your fans? don’t stop blogging, Bookboy! We need our weekly post. It can’t be too hard to post something. Maybe I should give you an idea…

    How about advice for how to suceed at HMS? You seem to have mastered it.

    How about your thoughts and fears about high school? You’ll be there in no time.

    How about a Top 10 Books everyone should read?

    How about a call to your readers to practice a random act of kindness?

    I’m sure I can think of more…

  2. Jac W Says:

    Hmmm, if life just ran smoothly it would be rather dull and boring don’t you think??? I think it’s great to have a few moutains thrown in because we need challenges in our life in order to grow, learn and become stronger and better people (well that’s if we are in fact able to conquer the mountains). You may not be able to climb Everest the first go, but start on smaller ones and build your way up. I’m speaking metaphorically about Everest….very few people actually succeed in climbing it…although it hasn’t stopped thousands of people trying 🙂
    You’re right though, you do need to have some smooth patches of road to recover and reflect the road gone before.

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