I am soooo excited about spring break! we are going to- wait… I dont want to bore you about the outer banks… I want to apologize for my rude behavior last week for not posting. It was a teacher workday and those teachers had me scurrying doing errands all day. So I am oh so very sorry. really. truly. sorry.


2 Responses to “vacation”

  1. J worcester Says:

    Those teachers had me scurrying?????!!!!!!????? Speaking as one of “those teachers” I have to categorically deny that statement!!!!!! Oh, I tried! But was denied! You were scurrying all right but it was to AVOID those teachers! 🙂

    Great blog spencer. You write well!

  2. Barnes Man Says:

    Oh come on! What a weak excuse! Scurrying all over? No way. It sounds like someone wanted to not write. Well we won’t stand for it.

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